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Bayview Impact Center

We are excited to open our most innovative program to date aimed at meeting the critical needs of individuals living in San Francisco's District 10.

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The Salvation Army

An innovative space with access to professional and holistic services, with high social impact, delivered from a spiritual and ethical perspective.

"¡Busca una salida!"

Jose y Maria llegaron sin conocer a nadien.
Entraron al centro y recibieron la ayuda necesaria.
Para quedarce en su apartamento con sus hijas.

Tu Posible Salida
A Hand Up, Not a Hand Out Image

A Hand Up, Not a Hand Out

We help our neighbors with everything from eviction defense and expungements to birth certificates and financial counciling.

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Tech-savvy approach to social services

We are The Salvation Army's pilot program utilizing Salesforce for case work management, social impact measurement, and streamlined collaboration.

The Salvation Army envisions a San Francisco where every household has access to life-transforming opportunities.  Our Bayview Impact Center works with those in San Francisco's District 10 to provide them with access to opportunities able to transform their life situations.

Those interested in our service can request assistance online at or swing by our new location on the corner of Revere Ave at 5048 Third Street.

The Greatest Need right now is

Our New Center

Meet the Need

99% of families will face a crisis they are unable to overcome alone.

The Salvation Army has brought together lawyers, social workers, financial counselors, and spiritual caregivers under one roof -- the Bayview Impact Center -- in order to provide universal access to comprehensive services to any family and individual who stands to benefit or seeks a way out of difficult circumstances in the Bayview-Hunter's Point area.

Society faces a new social paradox where most adults are unprepared to confront extraordinarily complex systems alone.

I think someone I know stole my wallet and my identity.

I got a letter from the IRS and it turns out I may owe them money.

I just got an outrageous medical bill and I thought I was insured.

My teenager got arrested and we have section 8 housing.

I bought a car but it won't run and the dealer won't take responsibility.

I'm in a dead end job with no time for training to get a better one.

My parent passed away and I think I'm entitled to their life insurance.

I lost custody of my kid a year ago and I want to see my kid again.

My landlord left me a letter to move out unless I paid back rent.

My kids get cold at night and the Landlord refuses to fix the heater.

I'm about to have a kid and I'm realizing I may need some extra help.

I need to move out but I don't have enough for a security deposit.

The Bayview Impact Center model has solved for a lack of experts and resources that often result in longterm hurdles that impact entire families and intergenerational outcomes.

With 150 years of providing the world's largest scaled solution to meet basic human needs, The Salvation Army Bayview Impact Center was created to be a single access point to professional and holistic services families can use to address social barriers and improve their life circumstances.  As Partners, Allies, and Clients, together, we can transform the conditions that sustain poverty and social injustice in the communities served by The Salvation Army.


What We Do

The Bayview Impact Center is a single access point to professional and holistic services families can use to address social barriers and improve their life circumstances.

We believe we achieve the greatest impact when families work together with experts, social workers, attorneys, spiritual and financial counselors.

How We Do It

Complimented by a spiritual and ethical perspective, we built a cloud platform to make our clients experience meaningful, measurable, and manageable in order to make the most of resource opportunities.

Our method greatly boosts families chances to overcome their biggest barriers to employment, education, finances, and housing.

Eligibility Guidelines

  • We serve all residents of San Francisco's 10th Supervisory District which includes 94124, 94134 and portions of 94110 and 94112
If you need help with an ID, foodstamps or a financial & civil legal issue complete our online intake.
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(415) 570-8000
Dr. Francisco Fuentes - Director:

Hours of Operation

Weekdays: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Monday - Friday
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