How We Serve Our Neighbors

The Old System: A Handout, Not a Hand Up
High quality professional services are difficult to provide; legal representation, social services, financial counseling, therapy and pastoral care would require at least five people with 29 years in combined post-secondary education and training. 

It's impossible for one organization to provide all these services. So, each organization specializes in one specific area, creating their own intake processes and determining their own client eligibility. 

This old way of doing things results in a fragmented system where disparate organizations provide pieces of need for clients. Clients jump from agency to agency without getting the help they need.

Imagine when someone is experiencing domestic violence. Under the old system, the abused will have to jump from organization to organization to receive the help they need. What good is it if an already traumatized individual could go to as many as ten agencies seeking assistance and possibly only half will be able to provide them with services? 

Our New System: A Hand Up, Not a Hand Out
Not only have we put complementary professional services under one roof, we've put them into one seamless case management system using Salesforce. Clients complete one electronic intake form to access all services. Client's records are synced between connected databases for each partner organization without compromising confidentiality. All organizations share a common, easy to understand case acceptance guideline: if you live in our neighborhood we serve you.

This ensures everyone who enters our doors and lives in the neighborhood will be able to get all of the services they need in one place. 

We help neighbors with everything from eviction defense to eyeglasses to birth certificates. We've grown our service list organically to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. 

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